Thursday, June 16, 2011

He Listen's

So I realize I have not blogged in over a year and have a lot to catch up on. Hopefully someday soon I will get around to catching back up on the blogging. I just needed to write this memory down for myself before I forgot about it. Logan has been struggling the past little while with having nightmares. Atleast once a week he comes into our room in the middle of the night saying he can't sleep because he is having a bad dream. We have been trying to teach him to say a prayer when he is having a bad dream and ask Heavenly Father to help him sleep without the bad dreams. He always tells us no he doesn't want to do that. So the other morning when he came into my room to wake me up, yes my children are my alarm clock, he told me he had a bad dream last night and he got up and said a prayer and Jesus made him have a good dream instead. It was just one of those moments as a parent where you get excited for your kids to be learning the things we try and teach them. Also a neat experience for him to learn that Heavenly Father does hear us and helps us in times of need. Logan also prayed the other day when he couldn't find something and after he said his prayer he went right to where the lost item was and found it. Being a parent is overwhelming sometimes and I just hope I am teaching my kids the things they need to know to have a successful future.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crap I've Made

So over the last crazy month of birthday's and Easter and family visits, I have also done three craft boutiques. Can you say crazy busy, yeah!! I am happy to say that they are finally over and I can breath again. A couple people asked to see some of my stuff, so here is a picture of our booth at one of the boutiques. There were two other girls that I did them with. I wish I could say they did super duper fabulouso but sadly I have a lot of leftovers. So if any of you need a good mother's day gift or just something cute to spice up your house for spring, you know where to come.

Pretty in Pink!!

So Lauren and I decided that her theme for her this party this year was going to be PINK!! I think I had a little more fun planning it than she did, but we both had a great time.
Here is our table setting.
I bought some old glass cups and such and filled them with all the pink candy I could find. We had pink animal cookies, pink bubble gum, pink taffy, pink whoppers, and pink mint candies.
When I first told Lauren about my idea for a pink party, she didn't like it and said she wanted to have a puppy party. In looking around for cake ideas I found this pink poodle cake and that made Lauren happy and on board with the pink party theme.
I just love the way her cake turned out!!
Now that we had everything set up, it was time for the guests to start arriving.
Here is our guest list:

Such a cute group of girls!!
Here they are playing around waiting for the party to get started.
Our first game we played was bingo, which I now realize I neglected to get any pictures of. After bingo, the girls made their own necklaces.
Lauren picked out a princess game like pin the tail on the donkey, and here are the girls all lined up and ready to go.
Lauryn Marietti won the prize this time.
Look how cute all these girls are in their pink. I just love it!!
I told them to strike a pose, can you tell by the way Lauren is standing? She cracks me up!!
Lauren was so lucky that her BFF Hailey just happened to be in town for a dance competition that weekend and got to surprise her and come to the party. She was so happy to have her there. The night before we went and watched her dance, then she got to come over and play for awhile. They each had some money to spend from different things so I took them to the store and they picked out matching CTR necklaces, which automatically meant they were in a secret club together. They are so cute together.
Hailey had to dance that day at 1:00 so she had to leave before the party was over so we hurried and opened presents. Somewhere online I saw this cute idea to take a picture of the birthday kid with each of their friends along with the gift they brought. I thought that was a great idea, so that is just what I did.

After presents we did cake and ice cream.
I bought these fun cups from the dollar store and put a pink sugar rim around the top and filled them with cherry 7-up. The girls thought they were so cool and even more excited when they found out they could take them home.
The girls played for awhile until everyone was done with their cake and ice cream and then we played the last game quick before all the parents came. I tried the musical present game again, and it went over better with the older crowd.
Here is Gracyn showing off her fun prize she unwrapped.
The party turned out to be a complete success. The weather could not have been nicer and all the girls had a blast. The nice thing about having my kids birthdays so close is that now I don't have to plan another party for another year, thank goodness.
Thank you everyone who helped make it such a special day for Lauren!!

6 going on 16!!

April 15th Lauren had her 6th birthday. I can't believe she is six already, she is growing up way too fast and is definitely too smart and sassy for her age. I absolutely love her for it though. She is getting to the age where I really don't mind taking her places, in fact sometimes I prefer to have her along. She is such a fun little girl and her daddy and I love her so much.
I bought her a new outfit to wear to school that day and had it all wrapped up and waiting for her when she woke up that morning. She was sad though that she had to wait for dad to get home before she could open up the rest of them.

Before school we went out and got some doughnuts for breakfast and she got to pick out a new toy while we were shopping for some last minute things for her party. After school she had her friend Gracyn over to play for awhile before Tyler got home. Lauren got to choose what she wanted for dinner that night and an activity she wanted to do. She choose to have a picnic at the park with pizza.
After the park we came home and opened presents.

The previous weekend we had gone to D.I. looking for a few things and Lauren found and fell in love with this big horse that you could sit on. She wanted it SOOO bad. I have never seen her bed, plead and cry for something more in her life. She kept saying, I want it more than anything in the world. Had Tyler not been there, I probably would have broke down, but Tyler kept me strong and we decided not to buy it. She cried and threw the BIGGEST fit ever. After we left we went to Del Taco across the street for dinner. While there Tyler and I talked about it and decided we should go back and get it for her birthday. It was only $6.00 and with a little soap and water could be looking good in no time. So we told the kids that Tyler was going to go and get gas in the car while they played a little longer, and he went and bought the horse. Lauren talked about that horse all week. That was all she wanted for her birthday and kept saying maybe we could find another one somewhere for her.
So after opening all her presents, Tyler told her she had one more surprise, she got to make a birthday wish, and here is her wish.

I think she likes it!!
Lauren choose brownies and ice cream for her treat, and here she is blowing out her candles.
She had a fabulously fun filled day.
We love you Lauren!!

Carpenter's in Training

Lowe's has a fun kids program that I kept hearing about and finally decided to look into and get my kids signed up for it. It has been so much fun, and my kids absolutely love it. On their first visit they got an apron and goggles to wear and bring back to wear each time. The best part about it is that it is totally free. Normally they only do it twice a month, but for whatever reason, they are doing it every Saturday in April and May. So far the kids have made a baseball game, a bird feeder and a little school house. They give them a fun patch to put on their aprons after each project that says they completed that project. I have yet to get any of them put on yet, but I will get around to that eventually.

Thank You Lowe's for creating a program that is fun, easy and Cheap that my kids enjoy!!

If I were a Queen...

The other day Lauren came home from school with this crown and on it, it said, if I were a queen... She was to fill in the blanks with what she thought, and this is what it said, I wod gif mony to bepll thet didint hav mone. Translation: I would give money to people that didn't have money. I thought it was so cute, both what she would do if she were queen and he sound it out spelling. She is getting better at reading and writing and it is so fun to watch her improve.

My favorite QUEEN!!